Industrial and UE Photographic Resources:

abandoned Great abandoned industro-scapes from Russia
harald finster very comprehensive industrial photo archive (industrial archeology)
industrielkultur-fotographie Database of Industrial photography from many different countries
abandonedplaces great abandoned photography in Europe, some industrial some not
urbex.org cool abandoned UE based in Australia
urbanized.net some cool UE photography with a built in rating system
charles sheeler early 20th century photographer best known for his river rouge steel mill photos
us steel gary works photo archive exhaustive photo archive featuring construction of the mill
bernd and hilla becher industrial photography with a particular emphasis on typology
daily photography great abandoned photography based out of Ontario
HAER Tons of data and images of steel mills and associated industrial structures
HAER2 Library of Congress. Many Industrial color transparencies from 30's and 40's
Corbis Photo archive site. Search "Charles Rotkin"
Dorsett Studios Some good shots of Pittsburg Mills befroe they disappeared
Historic Aerials See a steel mill change over time via aerial photography
industriedenkmal A good photographic resource for European Prototype heavy industries


Modeling Resources:

peachcreekshops Online hobbyshop with an emphasis on steel mill modeling
Dave Ayers Great resource for modeling with model shots and prototype research
Walthers Company that makes all the great industrial kits that made this project possible
Yahoo STEEL Group Online group dedicated to steel mill modelers
maps.live.com Satellite Imagery with birds eye functionality
scaledstructures low low kit prices on the web
bargainvilletoysntrains even lower kit prices on the web
Rio Grande Hobbies large exclusive N scale retailer
N Scale Supply large exclusive N scale dealer similar to Rio Grande Hobbies
Brooklyn Locomotive works large exclusive N scale dealer
RR Trains.com some good deals to be had at this dedicated hobby store