Blast Furnaces 'C' and 'D'

The Blast Furnaces ‘C’ and ‘D’ structures were each built using an N scale Walthers Cornerstone Blast Furnace kit. Details throughout are mainly Plastruct such as extra piping, and stairs/railings. Gold Medal Models provided parts for some catwalks/and/or Safety Caged Ladders. The cast house concrete bases were built using balsa wood instead of the kit provided brick columns. The curved metal siding shed that covers the bases of the furnaces are from a Walthers Cornerstone HO scale Big Grain Bin kit. Some Evergreen stock was used in lieu of the kit provided metal roof siding for the cast house roof. The hoist houses are made from Walthers HO Cinder Conveyor and Ash Pit kits.

Blast Furnaces 5 & 6 USS Gary Works ca. 1909